Meet Maureen Wilson

maureen wilsonThe founder of The Insurance Lady, Maureen Wilson, began her professional career by providing guidance to Medicare beneficiaries. Her field of expertise focuses primarily on sharing educated and thoughtful information to clients before making that critical Medicare decision. Clients are interviewed and thoroughly informed before any discussion of available options is presented.

Beyond Medicare, The Insurance Lady is also able to provide guidance in the selection of individual and family dental plans, vision plans, and insurance products for protection against accidents or unexpected hospitalizations, and a variety of life insurance/final expense products.

The Insurance Lady serves every corner of the state with a significant presence in the west valley communities of Maricopa County. If you reside in other regions of Arizona, look no further as Maureen will travel to you at no cost to you to assist in making Medicare choices that work for you.

In addition to meeting the needs of clients seeking guidance for insurance products, The Insurance Lady is honored to help meet the needs of the community through regular volunteer service and community activism.